Thesis I

Week 1

Class Activities:

The brainstorming we did in class was pretty helpful, it is not what I am used to doing, but I did not see any harm in trying. I usually let this happens t the back of my brain, but doing it like this allowed me to organize all of my thoughts. Once I was able to look at all of these words at the same time, it was easier for me to start thinking about how to find an entry point or how to find an area of opportunity. I think with these exercises I was still trying to look at it very broadly, but it helped me find areas where I think it is worth zooming in.



Venn Diagram:



Weekly Reflection:

This week I want to narrow down my scope. I have already found 4 areas of opportunity that I think are worth exploring:

  1. Aid emergency vehicles trying to get from point A to point B.

  2. Aid directing people during an evacuation.

  3. Communicating what is happening and why.

  4. Keeping people together or aiding in finding people who got separated.

By the end of this week I want to have enough research that I am able to narrow my scope even more so then I can deep dive into research and start ideating. I will need to start talking to people that are involved in these areas or activities so I can get a better sense of everything that is involved and then put that together with desk research.

Sofia Von Hauske