Thesis I

Week 4


This week I focused on putting all my research into words and making it into a paper; I am still working on that. This includes all my research from articles and websites, but also all the things that I found out or confirmed through my interview with the fireman. This week I will be interviewing the fire warden of 25 E 13th Street building, Ramon, who works on the 5th floor. I have decided to focus on evacuations of high-rise buildings, and I have started ideating and will be posting images on here.

Challenges in an Evacuation:

  • Lack of communication, people know it is an emergency but don’t know what it is

  • People don’t know what they are supposed to do

  • Some people are not able to hear the alarm

  • People don’t know which one is the evacuation staircase (between stairs A and B)

Idea 1

Retractable lights to mark unsafe areas to avoid.


Idea 2

Wearable light for people who need extra help so it is easier for firemen and fire wardens to locate them.

Idea 3

Path lights that show the way to the safe designated area.


Idea 4

Desktop device or wall device that uses different icons and colors to let people know what kind of emergency is happening.

Idea 5

Handheld device that let’s people know who is the fire warden and makes it easy for them to follow him.

Sofia Von Hauske